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Silverchair Photo Album 1995 CLICK HERE

1995: Where to begin...well like I said I was sick on my couch. I got pneumonia in Spring of 1995 and was sent home from college. I was watching MUCH MUSIC (the Canadian Music channel that blessed my cable network till 2000 before it became that bullshit MUCH USA). I cannot remember if it was May or June, but they played the shows SPOTLIGHT & BREAK THIS - both featuing Silverchair. I was totally diggin' them - their music rocked, and they were totally funny. Yeah and Daniel gave me a toothache. So like that day I drove to Record World/Square Circle and bought Frogstomp. The dude there even gave me the promotional signs for it, too.

I hustled my way into their management circle, which was quite amusing. My sister and I made this fake-ass crap zine and I got in touch w/Kathy @ Sony/Epic/Murmur (whatever). She was way cool and sent me their promo kit and a bunch of other stuff. She even set me up with an interview at the CMJ Fest in September. They were going to be playing at the now late Academy. I was totally stoked. Luck was not on my side, though - I had to go back to school that week and there was no way around it. But still, Kathy came around. She set up a phone interview for me! But yet again, shit happens. When they called, they called my home which is 9 hours from my college. Yeah, so that never happened.

I got over it, especially when I got my 1st letter from them. It said Silverchair were to tour w/ Red Hot Chili Peppers in November/December. It also said that they were working to get an "info service" up and running - the future Llama Appreciation Society! I was getting quite a collection of imports going, too. All the aussie eps, singles, etc. And I got my 1st magazine w/them on the cover. It was REQUEST - that free mag you get at the Sam Goody Music Store. It had a nice 5 page article, I plan to scan that here when I get a scanner that WORKS. I remember losing it when it said Daniel's Dad was a fruit marketeer cuz I had this vision of him peddling oranges on street corners.

Then I found out from Kathy that the drummer from RHCP broke his arm and the tour would be delayed. But then she told me Silverchair would be doing a mini tour in December. They were playing Roseland in NYC on Dec. 10th, the day after they appeared on Saturday Night Live. What sucked was that I had a sucky jealous boyfriend who had quite the problem with me going home for the weekend, w/out him, to shmooze w/the guys. I ended up watching SNL on this tiny ass TV w/suckass boyfriend heckling me singing "FAT BOY! FAT BOY!" But whatever. The next day I took a 7 hour bus ride back to NYC and met my sister Jenne at Port Authority. I was running late due to suckass boyfriend giving me shit before I left, so I couldn't get film or batteries for my tape recorder.

The show was so awesome, I hadn't been that excited to see a band, like, EVER. They played the songs I knew, including "Acid rain" LOL, Faultline, and a few new ones, like "No Association". They introduced 'Tomorrow' as 'Big Fat Pig'. Daniel told us to get all 'Airbourne'. I remember their families were there, sitting on the side loungers. After the amazing performance we ran out back. It was absolutely FRIGID outside, but sister Jenne was great. She knew how important it was for me, and she made no complaints whatsoever. The only people out back were like 3 young girls and a Mom. They were not very friendly, but I was like Whatever I can buy beer. When they came out, the girls had given them t-shirts; t-shirts they already owned. The TOOL one, etc. I was laughing because I thought it funny that someone could wear a shirt w/ the word TOOL on it. Hahaha. Daniel was so rad to me. So funny, so friendly. The girls really loved Chris, Mr. Goldilocks. They barely even looked at Daniel. They were talking with him and Ben. That's ok! I gave Daniel my demo tape, with a mix of Minor Threat on the other side. This is the part I laugh at now, especially cuz Dan got really into them in 1996-97. He said he didn't know who Minor Threat were. I told him to give them a listen, he'd really like them. So yeah, I feel pretty "cool" knowing it was me who turned him onto them. I introduced him to Jenne, who he was so nice to as well.

It was sooo freezing and Dan was shivering and I got motherly and was like "Do you need a hug to warm you up?" and he was just adorable - he replied "Yes please". =) So I got to stand there embracing him, and we stayed that way for a few. Ben and Chris were hugging and kissing the other girls on the cheek and I commented that that wasn't fair. My sister started laughing and Daniel made the funniest face. He then kissed me on the lips and I turned sooo red and smiled like a reject. Then I covered my face w/my hands and started laughing at my embarassment. I told him I didn't know he would actually do that. He started laughing and said it was his job to 'shock the ladies'. LOL.

I then showed him the flyer they gave out for the February 16 show at Nassau Coliseum w/ the RHCP. (We who bought tix for the original show on 12/15 could use our tix to get in). I told him I would be there if he wanted to hang out. I put my contact info on the other side of the flyer and gave it to him. I let him know that I was familiar w/Kathy, too. Dan even introduced me to Watson! Then, the van was ready to wisk them was time to say goodbye. Daniel said goodbye to Jenne, and then he walked over to me. He came towards me and started to hug me, but slipped on the ice and basically fell on me. Then I slipped, and we fell against the van. That was so embarassing that it was comedy. We laughed and he helped me up. I got another hug and kiss on the lips, and then they were gone. My sister took me back to the bus station, while I was talking a mile a minute with pure excitement. I got back at school around 6 in the morning, and when suckass boyfriend asked if I had a good time, I just smiled and said nothing.

Here I am all married and a homeownerin 2004 writing this, and I remember so much more than I typed. The memory is amazing. Yeah, Good times.